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Philadelphis,Pa. US


When music was at it's best. The 70's & 80's

Growing up in the 70's was a challenge. Racism still existed where you couldn't go in certain neighborhoods.

And on top of that you had local gang wars, where you couldn't go on certain turfs.

The Vietnam war was ending,and Drugs were somewhat acceptable in that era especially Weed.Love songs from

groups such as The Moments, The Delfonics, Marvin and Tammy, The Temptations, The Intruders, The Four tops, and The Dells, just to name a few, were all over the A.M. airwaves, being spun by the likes of Jocko Henderson, Hy Lit and the guy with the goods, Georgie Woods.

I Remember us Hustling up the money and getting an ole head to go to the liquor store to get us a bottle of Bird,and after downing the bottle with my Homies we'd stand on the corner and start singing.

We'd start with three or four and end up with a dozen or more of us.

.And we would sound good too or maybe it was the Bird.

I later found out that some of the other children who didn't come out as much were learning to play instruments.(now it's video games).

Then came a band called F.M radio. It change the way Music was heard. Some Dj's and singers were rapping before they called it Rap. Dj Doctor Perry Johnson came on the air rapping to Bohannin's come on and do it. Butterball did a rap behind the rock band Rare Earth's sex machine, and Tina Marie did it on the song titled Square Biz.

Then The Isley Brothers came out with a remake of the song, Summer breeze. And it was on then. It became

ladies night, and people wanted to get down and boogie.

It seem as if gang waring had stopped overnight.

And the music just made you feel good!

We went from Steel pier, Al Alberts,and the Geator to Soooouuulll traaainnn,Band Stand, the Midnight special, and Rock concert.

B.E.T.,VH1 and MTv came later.

In the Hood, Battle of the Bands became a norm. R&B acts and Hair bands were hot. A mixture of jazz & rock created Jazzfusion. Geno Vanelli, Stanley Clark, Pieces of a Dream & Steeley Dan come to mind. Good music and Caberates were at it's peak, and Bands were kicking out the funk,at the clubs, the Bars, the Park. You name it. Good music was everywhere. Peace was in the streets.

And then something happened.???

The spirit of music changed.

It went from loving and having fun. to hurting, get mine and killing. Check out ("YO ASPIRING RAPPERS") on this site.

Well I want to take you back to when MUSICIANS actually performed and gave you a show.

As I was checking out "WHO SANG IT BEST" I was watching Marvin Gaye (below) perform the National Anthem and after that an Interview with His thoughts on music, love and relationships.And to top it off a live performance of a Man who gave one heck of a show. Those cats earned their money and the fans got their monies worth.

So go on and get your favorite relaxer, kick off your shoes and let Marvin and the others show you how it's done.

Welcome to music 101

Attention Vocalist; music 101 is offering you a chance to see five of the hottest women in entertainment,right here on this page.Talk about a command performance. Who did it best? You decide. Because I couldn't.

Kool and The Gang - Celebration 1980

Remeber dancing or Rolller skating to this son

Tina Marie

She's talking Square Biz

Maze featuring Pilly"s own Frankie Beverly

Back in stride again

Marvin Gaye - All The Way Around 1975

What more can you say, He was defnitely the love doctor

Chicago 17 - Hard Habit To Break (1984)

This is (according to my opinion of course) the greatest Ballad Of Chicago during their 80s period! Hope you like it!

Exclusive Video: Prince's Welcome 2 America Tour

Prince performing Morris Day & the Times classic cool

The Whispers - (Olivia) Lost And turned out

Not only was the singing good, but the musical arraingements spoke volumes for itself

The Intruders - Together Baby - live at the Avalon - Chicano All Stars Band

Although they are not the originals, they will definitly have you singing this song, along with some good steppin too. Check em out.

Marvin Gaye Interview 1983

What can you say about marvin.It's better hearing it from the man himself, instead of thru the grapevine

Tierra- Together (rare spanish version)

This group added a nice flavor to a great song Remeber the two step?

Breaking away

Mr Al Jerreau

Ohio Players-Fire

When your hot your hot

Stevie Wonder - Superstition live on Sesame Street

Only on sesame street. Stevie & the boys really got down

USA for Africa - We Are The World ( Original Music Video 1985 ) HD / HQ

Here are some of the great Artist from that era, working together for a good cause

Celebrities collaberate on Sesame Streets "sing a song"

Sing or sing a song was written the first season. & was sung over the years by many celeberties including some you will see here.

The Commadores-Brickhouse

Shake it down shake it down now

Earth, Wind & Fire - After The Love Has Gone (From "Live In Japan")

Maurice White performing with the Band? Enough said!

We are the champians

A Queen classic

Heatwave- Always and Forever (Original Version)

Always and forever each moment with youIs just like a dream to me that somehow came trueAnd I know tomorrow will still be the same'Cause we've got a life of love that won't ever change and(C...

Soul Train

Where it all began

Phone Wear 360 - The Smart Way to Wear Your Phone

Luther Vandross - There's Nothing Better Than Love (Music Video) HD

This Gentleman here, the writer of many great songs & jingles, teamed up with a great Dancer, & made music magic

I've searched high and low for the best female vocalist of the 70'/?80's

And I couldn't find one, but five.Yes five. and all are deserving. (Patty, Diana,Aretha and Gladys) are a story by themselves more on them later

Listening to these five brought me to the point of what I would like to call, "A mental ecstasy". (I need to post a warning).

They not only sing the song, but make you feel it.

They take you to a level where that special someone actually feels special at that moment to you. If you like good music and great singing, well you've come to the right place.These women set the bar. Tell me your thoughts

Barry Gibb com Barbra Streisand

Barbra Showed true professionalism singing alone wondering where's Her partner was. A good example of the show going on


Check out the musical arrangements,along with a little scattin !

Anita Baker No One In The World Live1

From same old love Angel & you bring me joy.Anita Baker brings nothing but joy

Whitney houston - i have nothing live! [billboard 1993]

Sometimes when you hear a great song, you hope people don't mess it up. But what if you could make it greater? And let's not forget the National Anthem.(check it out on who sang it best).

stephanie mills home

stephanie mills took me home and brought me back. One word describes Her. Awesome

The Karaoke Channel Online

The Stylistics - Stop Look Listen Live

The Stylistics took the 1st tenor sound,sprinkled some harmony on it, & wa la

The Commodores - Nightshift

After lionel Ritchies departure,you thought oh well, but then came the night shift. A classic.

The Whispers - Love At It's Best

If your not good at talking to women, let the whispers say it for you. All they know is love


This was a very interesting interview. The Artist touched on many issues, including morals in music

Rock School Vol 3 - Part 1 of 8 - How To Play Funk

How to play Funk. Guitar, Bass & Drum lessons. Guests are Larry Graham of Sly & the Family Stone, Bootsy Collins, Nile Rodgers and Tony Maiden.


Tower Of Power - What Is Hip? (Chicago 1977)

Live at Soundstage Chicago 1977

James Brown keeping it focused on His music

James Brown going over top this woman's head. Watch how He flips the script. Only in America

Best of The 80's Vol1

This my fist ever (first try) video compilation of all my favorite 80's song1. Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World2. Survivor - Burning Heart3. Jefferson Starship - Sara4. Mr...



Off The Wall Toys

Off The Wall Toys

For Ole school classics performed by other great Artist ... Click Here

Songs of love are just one click away