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The Spiritual side

Our main focus is on being a light to the world. The search for the true meaning of serving the CREATOR.

That there is only One G-D. But somewhere along the line,we have forgotten the Commandments that G-d Himself suppose to have given us to live by through Moses.

Some even try to make Jesus G-D. Even though He spoke of our Father in Heaven, even crying out to Him.

Many have abandon the old Testament, believing only in the New. and that's where I believe the conflict starts.

Below are some songs in my opinion, that are filled with spiritual inspiration.

Along with stories of trusting and serving a power greater than us.

Also: Easter, A bunny, and an egg?

We'd love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Musiq - Love

You might ask yourself why did He put this video on this page? if you listen very closely to what He's saying, you'll know why.

Say Amen - Howard Hewitt (The 20th Annual Image Awards)

Howard Hewitt performing his hit "Say Amen"at The 20th Annual Image Awards.Great Performance.

& CeCe Winans-Lost without you, with Whitney Houston singing backup with the Wanan sisters

While working in radio I got an oppourtunity to play gospel(I called it insperational) & this was one cd that had many good tracks

Miss Israel 2013 Yityish Titi Aynaw

The lost tribe of Isreal who have been scattered all over the world are slowly waking up to the truth. That there is only one. the great IAM.

Abraham, Isaac,and Ishmael.

The birth of two Nations

that are really one

Abraham ( originally named Abram). Born in Ur of the Chaldees located in what's called Iraq today.

Here's a Man who came to know G-D even though His Father worshiped false idols, was told by G-D to leave his Fathers home, kindred, and country to a land that I will show thee. .

One of the things that amazes me about Him, is that there is no record of Children before Ishmael, but many after Sarah's death (Gen 25)

I don't believe condoms or birth control were around. So does this suggest that Abraham was a faithful man to His wife also? After all, He did know about loyalty.

After many years of no children. It was Sarah who suggested having a child with her Egyptian servant Hagar. (Gen 16)

And when she saw that she conceived,She felt despised in Her eyes. But Abram said to Sarai. "Thy maid is in thy hands, do as you please". So when Sarah began to be hard on Hagar, she fled. But an Angel of the MOST HIGH found Hagar by a fountain (Beer-lahai-roi) in the wilderness and asked Her where She came from, and where was she going?

Then the Angel said return unto thy Mistress and submit thyself, for G-D had a plan for Hagar and her seed also.

And that the child was to be named Ishmael, because the LORD hath heard thy affliction. (Gen 16)

So Hagar went back and bare Ishmael. And when Abram was ninety-nine years old, the LORD appeared to Abram and said, IAM the almighty G-D: walk before me and be thou perfect. And I will make a covenant between me and thee and will multiply thee exceedingly. Abram fell on His face, and G-D continued saying, Abram would be the father of many nations, and that you no longer will be called Abram, but Abraham. And I will make nations out of thee, and Kings shall come out of thee.(Gen 17)

So Abraham did the will of the CREATOR circumcising every man-child born in the house, and also those brought with money of any stranger which is not of thy seed, along with himself, and Ishmael who was thirteen years of age...

And G-D said Sarai will now be called Sarah. And I will bless Her and give thee a son.

and she will be a mother of nations,and kings of people shall be of her.

So Abraham said unto G-D, Oh that Ishmael might live before thee?

And G-D said Sarah thy wife shalt bare thee a son,and thou shalt call his name Isaac; and I will establish my covenant with him for an everlasting covenant, and with his seed after him.

Abraham - the births of Ismael and Isaac

Abraham (The Bible Collection) (1994)

As for Ishmael, I have heard thee: Behold I have blessed him and will make him fruitful and multiply him exceedingly.

Twelve princes will he beget, and I will make him a great nation. (note:Isaac's son Jacob also had twelve Sons).

The LORD appeared unto Abraham with two Angels in the plains of Mamre before heading to Sodom.

Upon asking Abraham where Sarah was? (Gen 18) they told him that she would soon bare a son.

Sarah heard this and laughed within herself. But the LORD knowing all things. And there is nothing to hard for the CREATOR.

note:( remember Ishmael was born during the time of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and being a Father myself would use this as a lesson for my Family members.

Now at the time there was no mention of the words Jew, Muslim,or any form of Religious title for that matter.

But of great nations coming from this descendant of Noah.( Another successful Man who trusted G-D).

And lessons passed down.

Now comes the birth of the chosen son. The first born to Sarah,but not Abraham.

Abraham was going on one hundred years of age when Isaac was born.

And his love was strong for both of them. (like G-D's love towards Abraham).

As told, during the time of weaning for Isaac, a great feast was made by Abraham ,when along came controversy.

Sarah noticing Ishmael mocking his brother Isaac. And becoming so upset that she said to Abraham; "cast out this bond-woman and her son. For her son will not be heir with my son.

This troubled Abraham much. And now there's conflict in His happy home. So he turned to the ALMIGHTY

for the answer. And the words he received were; Let it not be grievous in thy sight, because of the Lad and of the bond-woman;in all that Sarah said hearken to her voice, for in Isaac shall thy seed be called, And also of the son of the bond-woman will I make a nation.

So Abraham took Hagar and Ishmael away to the wilderness of Beer-Sheba and supplied them with some food and water.

(note; it is said that Abraham took them to the Kaaba foundations which was in ruins at that time)

And as Abraham was leaving,Hagar asked Him twice why was He leaving Them. But the third time she asked if this was the will of G-D? He turned around and answered her yes, and then turned back and went on his way.

This must have been a hard thing for Abraham to do. But sometimes we are told to lean not to thy own understanding, but to trust in G-D alone.

Can you imagine the thoughts going through Hagar's mind.with no water or food, and dying of thirst. Watching your child slowly fading away in the wilderness. But unbeknownest to her that the place where she sat her son to rest. The CREATOR had already made plans for them. As she wept, I assume Ishmael prayed one of the prayers his father Abraham taught Him. For a voice of an Angel, Gabrielle some say. Answered Hagar saying;

" Fear not. For G-D heard the voice of the Lad where he is. Arise and lift up the Lad and hold him in thy hands; for I will make a great nation of him". (Gen 21).

And as she lifted him, his foot swept the ground and water began to seep out of the ground. So she quickly gathered water to drink and then built a well around it to contain the water. It seems to me that digging wells and finding water may have been part of the family business for Abraham and his tribe.

The well became known as Zam Zam where Hagar was able to provide for herself and Ishmael.This became a place know to Caravans traveling through Arabia were goods could be exchanged,and water was available.

It is said that Abraham often visited his son Ishmael, and even asked him to help rebuild the Kaaba that was first built by Adam, which is in Mecca.

Upon Sarah's death, it is said that both Abraham and Isaac grieved, and that Abraham seeked out a wife for Isaac, and Isaac seeked out a wife for his Father. A woman who went by the name, Keturah.

Some say this woman was Hagar,and one of the sayings is that Hagar remained chaste from the time she was separated from Abraham. Perhaps a form of repentance to G-D and respect for Abraham. (note: G-D can make the impossible possible).

I read somewhere once that when Ishmael and Isaac met to bury their Father Abraham, there was a discussion on who would carry the staff of Abraham, with Issac passing it to his brother, and Ishmael giving it back to Isaac.

Saying this is your destiny, and I have also been blessed with mine.

Abraham was a great Man, blessed by the CREATOR. They say the only thing he was stricken with was old age.

Tell me how could these two Brothers not love one another,when they had a father who learned love from the greatest Father of all ... (Isaiah 45:5-7)

Trust in G-D alone...(Isaiah 45)

Abraham & the Kaaba

Easter,Passover &Resurrection

This is the time of year when we dye eggs,have Easter egg hunts and make Easter Baskets. Children would get a new suit and maybe a hat for the Boys.A pretty Dress along with gloves,the little socks,a pocketbook and hat for Girls. People who normally don't come out to local spiritual services attend on this day dressed in their finest It's called Easter Sunday.

.I remember participating in this event as a youth.

We'd be up late Saturday, filling baskets with fake grass,hard boiled eggs that we decorated earlier. Jellybeans, little chocolate footballs wraped in foil that took forever to remove.Those marshmallow rabbits we'd bite the heads off, then throw at each other. And that big chocolate covered coconut nut egg you never seem to finish. Or that hollowed chocolate Bunny who'd always mysteriously loses an ear during the course of the day.

My brothers and I would raid each others baskets. My favorite was red jellilbeans.

My suit never made it through the day. On Sundays after church we'd play Baseball and I'd end up ith a hole in the pant leg.(never thought of changing my clothes,neither did my friends,) e played. At first African baptist, You'd actually get a bag of jelly beans for attending. All the neighborhood kids made that service.

Never once did I question what a bunny and an egg have in common. Especially after questioning my Dad on weather Santa Clause was real after finding my new bike down in the basement two weeks prior.(next year the toys stop coming).

I went to Catholic Elementary school,& we were told this is the time Yashua (Jesus) was crucified,died, and was buried.And He rose again on Easter Sunday.

As I got older, and started reading for myself,and not just taking every thing I heard as truth.One thing puzzled me

That movie with that great actor Charlton Heston.Who played a guy called Moses. About a people who suffered for 400 years in bondage,& the Nation who held them was also being tested.

This was the second story of a Man from as we say across the tracks who was deeply involved in the saving of a mass of people.

A particular moment comes to mind when Moses asked Pharaoh to let his people go.But Pharaoh would not listen.

So as the story goes the CREATOR sent warnings to Egypt,but they would not listen. But one thing that did change His heart was the moment they call Passover.

Moses warned the people of the plague that was about to come. A plague that would destroy all the first born, and that they should prepare a meal,and take the blood from the lamb & smear it over the door post so that this plague would passover their families.It was the beginning of a new found freedom for those who believed in the CREATOR.The great IAM.

Now how the Easter Bunny,the egg and Yahsua who was a savior.Yes He tried to warn people that they were not serving our Father the right way either.(more on Him later) Came to overshadow this great moment of freedom for all people.When G-D had shown his face to His people once again.

The time when the ten Commandments were given to us through Moses. A set of rules to live by. To do are best to follow, that we may be prosperous in the land. Has me scratching my head, saying, Easter,a Bunny and an egg?

Trust in G-D alone!

Your comments are welcomed

The story of a Mother & Her Son's who chose death over dishonor.

Antioch us was determined to enforce his vicious edicts upon the Isrealites, effectively destroying their attachment to the Torah. He forbade the observance of all religious laws; anyone found with a Torah would be executed; circumcision, kosher food, Shabbat, all vestiges of Judaism were outlawed.

Phillip was appointed governor of Judea, and he set out to ruthlessly enforce the king's rules. He decided to begin his campaign with the arrest of the notable sage and High Priest, Elazar. But Elazar flip the script on Phillip's plan by choosing martyrdom over submission.(See note).

Soon after, Chanah and her seven sons were arrested. When the king, who was returning to Antioch, heard about the events which were taking place in Jerusalem, he decided to take an active role in enforcing his decrees. The mother and her sons were bound and brought before the king.

Antiochus tried to convince the eldest boy to abandon the Torah. The youth responded with great confidence, "Why do you bother with this long speech, trying to inflict your abominable religion upon us? We are ready to welcome death for the sake of our holy Torah!" The king was furious and ordered the boy's tongue, hands and feet cut out and placed in a fire. The soldiers proceeded to torture the boy, forcing his mother and six brothers to watch his excruciating pain. Antiochus was sure that this sight would intimidate his prisoners into breaking down and submitting to the King's decree. Instead, the martyrdom spurred the family to a deep resolve to accept their fate and to sanctify G-d's name.

When the second brother was brought to the king, even the members of the king's followers begged the boy to obey the king. The boy, however, replied, "Do what you will with me. I am no less than my brother in devotion to G-d." The second son's torture was as bitter as his brother's had been.

As he died he told the king, "Woe to you, pitiless tyrant! Our souls go to G-d. And when G-d will awaken the dead and His martyred servants, we will live. But you--your soul will dwell in a place of eternal abhorrence!"

To the amazement of all, the third brother as firm as his brothers prior suffered the same fate. The fourth brother echoed his brothers' exhortations, and faced his brutal death with firm resolve.

Before he was killed, the fifth brother turned to Antiochus and said: "Don't suppose that G-d has handed us over to you to exalt you or because He hates us. It is because He loves us and has granted us this honor. G-d will take His vengeance upon you and your progeny." This infuriated the king even more, and the sixth brother was brought to the same end as his brothers who preceded him. His words bespoke his deep faith that G-d would ultimately requite the suffering of His servants.

Throughout this horrible sequence Chanah stood by her sons, giving them strength and encouragement. Now, only the youngest child remained to face the king.

When they brought the boy, the king offered him gold and silver if he would do his will. The seven-year-old boy displayed the same courage as his brothers and taunted the king to carry out his threats. The king couldn't believe such words coming from a mere child, so he called out to His Mother.

Chanah stood before the murderer of her children and listened to his words...

Woman, have compassion upon this child. Persuade him to do my will so that you will have at least one surviving child and you too will live.

She pretended to agree and asked to speak with her son. When they stood together, Chanah kissed the boy, then said; "My son, I carried you in my body for nine months.

I nursed you for two years and I have fed you until today. I have taught you to fear G-d and uphold His Torah. See the heaven and the earth, the sea and the land, fire, water, wind and every other creation. Know that they were all created by G-d's word. He created man to serve Him and He will reward man for his deeds.

The king knows he is condemned before G-d. He thinks that if he convinces you, G-d will have mercy on him.

G-d controls your life's breath and can take your soul whenever He desires. If only I could see the greatness of your glorious place where we would be illuminated with G-d's light and rejoice and exult together.

Chanah returned to the king, saying, "I was unable to prevail upon him." The exasperated king again addressed the child who answered him, "Whom are you seeking to overpower with your words and enticements? I laugh at your foolishness. I believe in the Torah and in G-d Whom you blaspheme. You will remain an abomination upon all mankind, loathsome and far from G-d." The king was enraged. According to the Talmud, Antiochus gave the boy a chance to save himself by ostensibly bowing down to retrieve his signet ring, but the boy refused.

As they removed him, Chanah begged to kiss him one last time. As if speaking to all seven children, Chanah said, "My children, tell your ancestor Abraham, 'You bound only one son upon an altar, but I bound seven." Then Antiochus ordered that the child be tortured even more than his brothers. Chanah was left surrounded by the bodies of her sons, a prayer exalting G-d on her lips. Then the distraught woman threw herself from a roof and rested beside her martyred sons.

Editors note;

They wanted Elezar to pretend that he was eating the forbidden foods that the king was allowing His people to eat. But He prefer death over deception. It's amazing the sacrifices the people in this story gave for the love of the CREATOR. How deep is your love?

Anita Baker - Only For A While

They say music can have a strong influence on someone. Well this song helped me thru some of those hard times that life throws at us.