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Philadelphis,Pa. US


Musicians Corner (the unsung Hero's)

Welcome to Musicians Corner, where we will be highlighting some of the best local Musicians you may have seen or heard but didn't realize who they were. The one's who add flavor to the songs we sing along to. The unsung hero's who bring excitement to a song you love. Who bring out the best in even the worst musicians. It's their style of play or way of carrying that harmony,that makes people say, that band or group was awesome. I've been in the trenches with some of these great acts,and would love to share their stories with you.

On the next page is one of them. You've probably heard Him performing live at a concert, or your local hangout, enjoying your favorite song as you sang, or danced along too.

Success is determined in many ways, and one of them is doing what you love. So click on the next page and enjoy some of the moments, in the life of one of our unsung hero's. You can also get to see him and other great musicians up close and personal at some of the local Venues that they are currently performing at. And if you got a song to sing? Let them know, I'm sure they know it, and will be more than glad to perform with you...

SO tell a friend, and support our unsung Hero's as they tickle our musical pleasures,and quench our thirst for good music. Enjoy!

You will laugh every time you see this (Bootsy Collins feat. Spiderman)

Hip Hop Jewelry

A half time show to remember

Rotary Connection - Peace At Least

So now we know why Santa likes cookies, milk,& mistletoe.& since coke created the image, a little Rum