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Philadelphis,Pa. US


This page is dedicated to

the fashion conscious 


   To all the Ladies in the house This one's for you

If you can show me a Woman who has enough shoes?

And lets not forget pocketbooks and accessories.

I'll show you a woman who hasn't seen this page

Also on this site; Celebrity Hair styles.

And if you like what's down below, there's even more at



Women of today have many roles . A lot are out side of the home. Some even do both.

From Doctors, Teachers, Lawyers and Technicians. To Bus Drivers, Construction and food Workers ,Health Care and Law Enforcement. But there's one thing they all have in common.

That one thing is Fashion. And when you dress up, and that includes yes heels Ladies,

you make a Man want to open doors, bring you flowers, and remember His manners.

Some may drool a little.

Because Girl you look good!

Believe me I know. Because there is nothing better then a well dressed and accessorized Woman on as we say, a man's hip when stepping out for an evening of fun, and enjoyment. .

Or just out with the girls enjoying Ladies night. Or maybe you dress like this every day.

Some will admire, some may compliment, and a few may hate. But it's alright because your confident in who you are.

Some of the most beautiful work of art to be seen on this Earth is a well dressed and confident Woman. And you come in all shapes, and sizes. Each one beautiful in there own unique way.

So as you enjoy the variety of Shoes, Boots, Pocketbooks, and Jewelry on this page.

Don't forget to show your Man the things you like too. Because this page is especially for you

Real Leather
Australian Ugg Boots


Create your own brand of Jewelry.

Diamond studded car Now that's Bling Bling

There are many styles of shoes on this page,but none as unusual as some of these.

So get your laugh on as you check out some unusual shoes.

Maybe there's a pair hidden in your closet

Click on the above picture to view.

Click on to take advantage of the Valentines savings.

Micheal Jordan women's wear

Plus Jordan & Barkley with Oprah

Phone Wear 360 - The Smart Way to Wear Your Phone

Celebrities and their Hairstyles

Taking a look at some of today's well known faces, and the various lengths,

styles and cuts of the hairstyles that are worn by today's woman.

You go Girl !


Here's a few more to hold you over until you come back again. We hope that you enjoyed every moment with us, and my hope is that you share us with your friends. Again We Thank YOU!

Shoes for little girls

   If I could get you something?

It would be, all of this!