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Philadelphis,Pa. US


BasketBallers turned Rappers

You seen them On the Basketball court, giving their all. But it doesn't stop there with these guys.

Some believe they are perhaps the next Jay-Z, or Busta Rhymes. Maybe even Curtis Blow.

Maybe you've seen their videos. If not we got em for you. And we would like to hear your opinion on these videos.

Did they make it,or should we break it. Let us know from one to twelve, the best to the least.

Who should stick to B-Ball, or who you'd like to hear more of. Before you hit up the videos. Here are some of the verses you will hear in their songs.

kobe bryant rapping

#1.Kobe Bryant featuring Tyra Banks. K.O.B.E

Uh, what I live for? Basketball,beats & Broads. From Italy,

to the U.S.,it's raw

#2.Chris Webber; Gangsta Gangsta.

Your girl was impressed when she met us

woke up and made us Breakfast. My fella's you can't forget us.

Fetish for Lettuce,From the home of J-Rose to Jerome Bettis

chris webber gangsta gangsta

,#3Ron Artest; His hit was Champion..

You read the newspapers,you saw the magazine,

You got the internet,but you don't google me.

ron artest rapping

#4.Jason Kidd;

Now there ain't no party like a J-Kidd party, cause a J-Kidd party don't stop

But it ain't no party,cause I can't get it started,

With these players hating on my jock


#5Gary Peyton; Living legal and large.

Slam dunk,living large,talk a little junk

gary peyton

#6.Steve Francis;

steve francisNew whips,long trips,all kinds of bling.

At it for a year now,

She use to do finer things.

steve francis

#7.Tony Parker;

Sorry this song was done in French,

And at the present time,no one on our staff could interpid it

tony parker raps in French

#8.Carlos Boozer;Now I got the game laced up (Shoe strings).

Look back, thank God.

That's why when I'm in the paint,

you know I go hard.

carlos boozer rapping

#9.Kevin Durant; Music by Jay-Z and Kanye West.

Aw up on my fitted,and the purple &cream soda,

Is all a n***a sippin. catch me on twitter.

p***y Iam gonna killa

kevin durant doing hip hp

#10.Marquis Daniels; Has a group called The 1090 block Boys

marquis Daniels with a grand theft auto spin760 zero coupe. Manage with me,

That's my bad bitch doing bout a buck fifty

kevin durant doing hip hp

#11Shaquille O'neal: Only one to actually go platinum.

shaq the rapperI lean on the Statue of Liberty when I get tired.

Then I punch Her in the stomach.

I don't give a heck.

shaq the rapper

#12. Allen A.I. Iverson; aka Jewels

His rap was so raw, NBA Commissioner David O'brian

allen iversonreportedly refused to let Him release it.

Everybody stay fly,get money. Kill and f**k Bitches,

I"m hitting anything in plain view of my riches

Below are some of the music videos for you to click on to.

allen iverson

Shaquille O'Neal - (I know I got)Skillz

Shaquille O'Neal F/ Def Jef - (I know I got)Skillz

*RARE* Kobe Bryant Rapping

Kobe rappingSong: You Don't Know 50 Cent, Eminem, Cashis, Lloyd Banks2011 Champions Dallas Mavericks2010 2011 Finals Kobe Bryant Kevin Garnett Chris Bosh Carmelo Anthony,Tracy Mcgrady,Shaq, Le...

Twista ft Carlos Boozer & Mario Winans "Winning Streak + Ringtone Download

DOWNLOAD THE RINGTONE --- idol sub again 4 new hot songs akon rihanna dj khaled maroon dnc records t.i ne-yo linkin park 50 cent 5 ice cube the akon 5 da...

Gary Payton - Livin Legal and Large (G.P. RAPPING)

From the 1994 CD "B-Balls Best Kept Secret"FULL TRACKLIST:1: Hip Hop Basketball Genie (Intro)2: Dana Baros - Check It3: Malik Sealy - Lost In The Sauce4: Shaquille O'Neal - Mic...

Kevin Durant Rap Song - Rolls Royce (Ft. Privaledge)

Kevin Durant rapping on a song called "Rolls Royce" with the rapper Privaledge.

Marquis "Q6" Daniels feat. Dee Boi "Kome here Nikki"

Boston Celtics Shooting Guard Marquis Daniels and his group 1090 Blok Boyz takes us on a Grand Theft Auto styled Music Video

Allen Iverson- Jewelz

Allen Iverson- JewelzComment and let me know what you thing about it.

Chris Webber ft Kurupt - Gangsta, Gangsta (Video)

From the album "2 much drama" (1999)...C. Webb got skills!

Tony Parker - Premier Love

Tony Parkey NBA player for San Antonio Spurs sings French rap

Steve Francis - Finer Things (Official Video) - HD

Jason Kidd Music Video

Slideshow to Jason Kidd's 1994 rap single with Money B from Digital Underground

Phone Wear 360 - The Smart Way to Wear Your Phone

check out "can a man fly (sneakers)

Check out "In A League Of Their Own"