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Philadelphis,Pa. US


 First and foremost, I'd like to thank you for visiting Mark Person online.

Born and raised in Philadelphia. Former Radio Producer and Co Host of W.H.A.T.1340's mornings with Mary Mason. Musician, Writer, Minority Inspector, Painter, Learner of Life, servant to the CREATOR. And now,Publisher .

About us

Markpersononline is a Magazine,with a little something for everyone.

As an alternative to Facebook, and others. We like to look at the positive side of life, with a dash of humor to help make your day.

We hope our thoughts and stories capture your imagination

From Fashion, to Music, Health tips,Pets,Autos,Spiritual,Famous Quotes, and much more are just clicks away.

To the left are many pages, like (When Music was fun) , When Musicians actually performed with real instruments


How about Pumps,Pocketbooks,and Hair styles (For The Lady in your life).

Where you'll find the latest in Fashion for today's Woman.

Wanna be in the Rap game??? Before writing another verse check out;

(Yo Aspiring rappers). Also get a treat from some vintage comedy acts.

And who would have thought that a pair of sneakers could project a Human into flight. As you check out, (Basketball 101) Along with some of the Sports greatest Players.

So feel free to let us know your likes and what you would like to see more of.

Our hope is that you will visit us again and again.

So feel free to bookmark our site,and perhaps share our site with your friends.

We are here to help make your day an enjoyable one.

Thanks again, and enjoy your visit!


Do you Sing? ? ? Play the radio? Think you can sing? ( ever sang or wanted to sing on talent night?). People tell you no, but in your heart it's yes? If you have that drive, and determination,. I want to hear from YOU... Your greatest achievement. Your funniest moment, Or that great performance of you and your Band. Send us a video, drop us a line, who knows? Looking forward to hearing from you.


Are you interested in bringing the positive side of life to focus.

Have something good to share or say??? You can say it here.

If you have an open and creative mind, or a storm that past through your life and you made it through and would like to share it ?

We'd like to hear from [email protected] contact us

About the CREATOR. This is my way of saying thank you. By spreading the word of His love, and all that comes with trusting in HIM. That nothing is impossible if you believe. And it's available to anyone and everyone who's willing to do their best in following his Commandments. ( Check out the Spiritual side)

I'd like to hear your thoughts on your issues, what ever they may be. Where you are in your spiritual juncture in life. Telling of the good the CREATOR has done for you in your life when others wouldn't. ( It started when you woke up this morning ). I welcome all denominations to come share with us your love, along with your war stories of the ongoing struggle for our souls. To open up hearts to the real truth on how to serve the CREATOR. Because were not running a Church here.... It's a way of Life!

"Time to let your light shine"

 will soon be offering a chat line

Markpersononline is a Magazine geared toward the positive side of life.

We are based in Philadelphia,Pa.


Monday - Thursday ; just hit us up

Friday: till- 6PM

SABBATH ;(sunset to sunset)

Saturday: 8:30PM - until

Sunday: Basically when you feel the need.

Sign on to our guest book.

Were looking forward to hearing from you!

Pieces Of A Dream - The Shadow Of Your Smile

Album: Pieces Of A DreamSong: The Shadow Of Your SmileVinyl to digital transferArtists: Curtis D. Harmon, drums, James K. Lloyd, piano, Cedric A. Napoleon, bass1983

markpersononline is a magazine

                           for entertainment only